WEA community website course

As an advocate of a DIY approach to creating websites, John Anderson is helping people in a really practical way. He’s teaching a short course on how to Build a Community Website.

Coming up on 7 July he’s offering the course at the Global Education Centre in Wellington. Topics being covered include an introduction to the tools available (such as WordPress and CMSimple) and some of the technicalities, along with time to get practical. It costs some cash ($20) and half a Saturday.

John is on the Executive of the Wellington branch of the Workers Educational Association which kicked back into life last year with renewed zeal to provide “Education For Social Change”. During the week he works as a systems administrator dealing with spam, emails and other techy stuff for the Development Resource Centre.

As we chatted over a roti chenai John’s enthusiasm for using IT for making a difference came through. Dealing with MS Windows induced misery is the subject of another course he teaches. Even wider help is envisaged at a community tech bring and mend session: John’s considered hiring a hall, organising some techies and inviting people to bring their PCs in to get mended.

While I wait anxiously for funding for the e-Rider to be confirmed, I’m impressed that John is getting stuck in where he sees a need. All this without becoming embroiled in red tape, etc. I hope he gets a good response.