Webstock – here I come

Yeeha!! I’ve just been awarded a scholarship to attend the 2008 Webstock conference. The 20 kick-ass speakers and truckloads of high energy talk and inspiration will cover just about everything to do with improving the standard of website design and development.

Topics include information architecture, writing for the web (including a presentation by Rachel McAlpine, whose new book is mentioned below), search engine optimisation, accessibility and interface design. Kathy Sierra, who didn’t return to our shores earlier this year because she’d been harassed for comments she made about blogging etiquette (see “Kathy Sierra cancels NZ workshop” ) is again listed on the agenda. Sam Morgan, whose reputation proceeds him, will be having a fireside chat. And there’s even a 50 minute talk covering all you want to know about the shape of the web to come and how to make things that thrive as part of it by Tom Coates from Yahoo.

From what I heard about the first Webstock in 2006, it was lots of fun and has had a big impact. There has been a real buzz about designing usable websites that anyone can use ever since.

A responsibility I have accepted as the recipient of a scholarship is sharing my experience of the Conference with others in the field I work in. I’ll keep you posted.