An informal, regular get together for Wellington nfp webmasters?

After the workshop I ran today on making regular usability tweaks and enhancements to your website at the Connecting Up conference in Wellington I really got the feeling everyone would have liked more time to swap notes, share good stuff and raise other nutty problems.

With a few exceptions, no one was even close to being a full-time webmaster. Most had to keep their website up-to-date on top on a wide range of other duties. Keeping up with trends or digging deeper into particular aspects of usability is generally not a top priority, especially when there’s a wolf to be kept at bay.

This got me thinking that it’d be great to find a way to help people exchange bites of knowledge and get regular infusions of peer support. Rather than waiting for a whole year (or more) for someone to bring together webmasters and other running websites again, why not doing something more often.

Perhaps you can sense what is coming. All this cogitating has led me to share an idea which I’ve been mulling over for a while now: wouldn’t it be good to have a casual, informal get together for people in Wellington running website for tangata whenua, community and voluntary organisations?

Everyone attending decides what they want to cover at the time. There’s plenty of time talk singly (and passionately) over the tea cups. Agree on a few groundrules to keep things lively but respectable. Nothing formal, no positions. No AGM! Just provide a space for people to talk and share.

As this is not an original idea it’ll be easy to some pointers about how to run something like this successfully. There’s already UX, content strategy and other meet-ups happening Wellington.

Is it just me, or would anyone else involved in running a website in the community sector like to talk with others in the same waka?

To move things along, fill in this single question poll about how often it’d be good to organise such a meet-up: (or on the righthandside of this blog →). Or better still add a comment. Single word replies are okay, eg sucks, rocks, etc. I’ll help get things off the ground if anyone is interested.

I’m still digesting the other gleanings from today…. I’ll write more about these over the next week when I’m at the other Connecting Up hui in Auckland and Melbourne.