We’re up and rolling!

Monday night marked a significant milestone for the Wellington e-rider IT service. After all the planning, discussion, highs and lows, we held a big celebration.

As the banner and invite said, “We’re up and rolling”.

About 50 odd people turned up to help us celebrate at Internet NZ’s boardroom. There was a great buzz, and we kept formalities to a very respectable 27 minutes.

I can’t do justice to the speechifying, nor can I point you to the contribution by Ruth Dyson, Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector, because it’s not online yet.

Instead, take a look at the slideshow created by Nathan Donaldson from Boost New Media and a member of the project steering group. (NB The slideshow is slow to load and I’m just experimenting using the flickr plugin.) Or check out the unadulterated press release on Scoop (“E-Rider Delivers ICT Support“) or WCN (“Who is that masked man?”).

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Photos also online as an eRider launch photoset on flickr.

Lindsay, the project’s first roving IT professional, is being kept very busy. The number of organisations signing up is growing and our systems to support this are in place. We’ve got another eight months for the pilot project to run, when our seed funding dries up. I forsee lots of debates coming up about how we simultaneously meet demand and survive financially.

Before I forget, the celebration also marked the formal change in name for the Wellington Region 2020 Communications Trust: we’re now known as Wellington ICT.

Official thank you notes are on the way, but on my quick roll call I’d like to say thanks heaps to: Red Vespa, our extraordinary event organiser Sandra McDonald, Red Pebble, InternetNZ, all the Steering Group members, Director Mike, Tim, Erin, Sue (@ Minimum Graphics), Simon for loaning the Brompton, Glenn at the ColourGuy, fellow Trustees, and Trust chair Erina for her unfailing commitment and drive.