Wiki carnival on social media

“Aggregation, Alerts, Asynchronous communications, Archive, Authenticity, Avatars, Back channel, Blogs, Blogosphere, Blogroll, Bookmarking, Browser, Bulletin boards, Categories, Champions, Chat, Collaboration, Collective intelligence, Comments, Commitment, Communities, Community building, Conference, Connections, Content, Content management systems, Control, Conversation, Copyright, Crowdsourcing, Culture, Cyberspace, Default, Democracy, Download, Ego searches, Email, Email lists, Face-to-face, Facilitator, Feeds, Folksonomy, Forums, Friends…..”

This is just the beginning of a list of terms in an A-Z of social media and social networking terms being put together to help not-for-profit organisations use new web tools and tricks. To expand the list David Wilcox from the UK with his American co-conspirator Michelle Martin are running a wiki carnival on social media. The carnival idea is being trialled as a way of corralling together other ideas and suggestions. Anyone can drop by and make suggestions for additions.

Sadly, I’m at a complete blank (or perhaps it shows I don’t spend too much time online). The list has far more terms than I’m familiar with. So I’m a willing watcher, and experimenter, but I can’t add much. If I did have a suggestion it would be to expand on the descriptions by providing some guidance on the pros and cons of the different online tools and tricks.

With the Wellington Regional 2020 Communications Trust beginning to explore how it can expand the range of support on offer to local community groups it is fantastic that people elsewhere are documenting and sharing their work. Translating the hi-faluting techy stuff to the reality of busy not-for-profits seems a big leap. I doubt social media will attract mass interest but there is the danger of the divide between the technically savvy and those that are not widening even further. Those left behind could struggle to have their voices heard, once again.

So, time take my seat at the carnival. Closes 11 March.