yMedia challenge 2008 – roll up

After a successful yMedia challenge in Auckland last year, Pamela and the team are expanding. The challenge matches web savvy students with community groups who develop a practical website or make use of online tools over a two week period. Both Wellington and Auckland community groups are invited to participate this year.

Participating organisations last year ended up using pay per click ads, creating bebo and facebook accounts and updating websites. The video interviews with each team tell the story far better than words alone.

To get get yMedia Group help using exciting emerging digital tools, to engage with young people, and connect with new volunteers, staff and stakeholders, there is a one month opening for community groups to sign up.

According to the publicity blurb participating groups can:

  • Profile your organisation on the yMedia Challenge 2008 website (to be launched May 30)
  • Attend the two yMedia 08 Workshops
  • Receive newsletters detailing emerging tools, advice from digitally-savvy young people and insights into what other groups are doing with digital technologies
  • Have the opportunity to be selected for the yMedia Challenge 2008
  • Be invited to networking events with opportunities to connect with other community groups, ICT industry, students and government
  • Have the opportunity to advertise for ‘tech scouts‘ / volunteers on the yMedia Challenge 2008 website

Find out out more, including details of the small contribution, at: www.ymediagroup.org/community.